About The Company

Timeline Consultants (the company) was established in 2005 by Mr. Qazi Mohammad Mohsin. With 25 years of experience in the construction and project management industry. Having completed multiple projects in Pakistan and abroad, Qazi Muhammad Mohsin started Timeline Consultants consisting of high-caliber individuals who demonstrated exceptional results and knowledge of the industry.

Timeline Consultants are among the handful of companies dedicated solely to project management in Pakistan. Most of the time, the management of projects in Pakistan is handled either through in-house teams or companies that hold multiple roles in a project. We believe this defeats the purpose of hiring a project manager and his supervisory role.

To meet the integral and growing demand of project management, Timeline Consultants provide practical engineering and project management solutions which are affordable and innovative. The company hopes to guide clients in the best way to save time and money.

The company’s highly proficient teams produce comprehensible and accurate plans that enable them to meet project deadlines and targets seamlessly. The company is thorough not to compromise in delivering efficiency, cost minimization, and quality. Timeline Consultants work tirelessly to avoid any on-site delay or contract variation.

Timeline Consultants’ niche lies in project management of high rise and large scale buildings, providing detailed supervision of their construction and operations.

Our Mission

To provide clients with innovative, affordable, and practical solutions for their investment objectives through a dedicated team who ensure quality and delivery of work within time and budget constraints.

Our Vision

As one of Pakistan’s leading Project Management companies, we are devoted to supporting our client’s dream to become a reality and help promote growth and development for our community that is consistently at par with international standards.



As a business partner Timeline will provide the engineering expertise and dedication to build your project from inception to completion. Timeline forte is quality. The work is ensured according to international standards and compliance is ensured through quality assurance systems. Through careful planning and detailed project execution, our pool of experienced and qualified professionals ensures to provide customized solutions as per the client’s requirements.

As a professional project management consultant, our main objective is to keep the owner well informed and advise them to make the best decisions possible. We accumulate a professional team of people whose job is to maximize the productivity of work and minimize its cost effect where possible. Our capability to calculate accurate budgets, create realistic schedules, obtain agency entitlements and coordinate between the project team has helped save our clients a substantial amount of capital.

With a professional understanding of design, construction, legal obligations, and attention to detail, our goal is to provide satisfaction to our clients within the given budget and time, but above their expectations.


We are a Project management organization and the project manager reports directly to our Chief Executive Officer. Each project manager has a team of professionals, assigned resources and autonomous decision making with aligned goals and objectives.

All the team members assigned to the project report directly to the project manager and their sole responsibility involves project specific activities.

The Time Lines methodology for project management revolves around the different phases of project life cycle.


The first step is to determine the major goals of the Project so that the client and the project management company see all things on the same page. Project Manager is assigned and Project Charter is written to describe project overview, project description, strategic plan etc. Assumptions and constraints are analyzed and communicated to client. A complete analysis of Project Scope is done and a sign off is obtained on the Project Charter after consent of the client.


All Projects deliverables are determined and scope statement is written and published for all consultants. Project Budget is established for clients review and two different detailed schedules are developed, one for pre-construction activities (for consultants) and second is the construction activities plan (for contractors) on MS-Project/Primavera.

The importance of the budget & schedule is twofold:

1) It provides the owner with a clear understanding of the scope of the project and a comfort that the program meets their budget and schedule constraints.
2) It provides our management team with tools to effectively manage the construction process.

Proper planning of the construction program during the design phases will help to identify those items that may be required to be pre-purchased in order to minimize long delivery effects on the schedule.

A Communications Plan is developed to have proper coordination between all consultants and drawing coordination plan is established to ensure that all the drawings received within given schedule. Roles and Responsibility are assigned to all consultants and a sign off is obtained. Quality plans as per international standards are documented and distributed among the project team.

During the Risk management plan and change management plan Timeline Consultants Group continuously take input from client to manage it later on. Implementation Plan and Time management plan is reviewed and discussed with the Project Team.


First schematic drawings are obtained from all consultants, followed by design development drawings after approval from client and finally construction drawings.

During the design development and construction document phases, Timeline Consultant group provides the owner and design team with continuous input on the effects that design issues can and will have on the project budget and schedule. With process of completing drawings Bill of quantities and Tender documents are obtained to award the contract to the contractor.

Our continuous reviews of the construction documents ensure that designs are developed which can be built within the construction budget, and that the schedule objectives can be met. As well, current market conditions for labor and material availability will be monitored during the design period to provide the appropriate design and system decisions.

Our construction management team will ascertain that:

i) Sufficient construction details have been provided.
ii) The intended construction methods are reasonable and consistent with the current market conditions, as well as cost effective.
iii) The materials specified are readily available, workable and cost effective.
iv) The required quality controls are in place and testing requirements are defined.
v) The anticipated construction schedules and sequencing is logical and efficient.
vi) The administrative procedures are clear and complete.
vii) The coordination requirements between construction packages and contracts are clearly established.


On completion of documentations, tender drawings and approved construction scheduled, tenders are floated for bidding process. Company’s profile, previous works done, tools and equipment, human resource along with quoted rates are analyzed by us and submitted to client to award contract as per terms and condition agreed by the client.

During the coordination of contract documents we consider contract packaging and the directional flow of the work. We also manage site issues such as access; egress; lay down and storage areas; maintenance of operations; labor conditions; safety and the environment; and other issues in order to more fully prepare for the start of construction.

Using our experience our construction team will coordinate a phased construction plan with the owner and their operation staff. Specialty mechanical and electrical service requirements, depending on whether or not they are already available in the existing facilities, will require special attention. The routine of these services will have to be carefully planned in order to minimize disruption to other spaces not specifically included in this construction program.


Depending upon the work scope the Project Site Team is established, directed and lead by the Project Managers. Project Resources are obtained and deployed on the project. Contractor is said to mobilize its resources and start working as per signed schedule. Monthly status review meeting are conducted with contractor and client so that all issues are sorted, analyzed and solved.

Project information is communicated from client to all project parties and Project Progress is managed with effective management tools. Quality assurance procedures is implemented and made sure that all works executed as per given standards. All documentation /approval from authorities are taken on behalf of client. Weekly and then monthly progress report to be prepared by us to update the client and all parties on project status.

Prior to the commencement of any work on site Timeline consultant Group will manage the submittals process to ensure that shop drawings, date sheets, samples ad mock-ups are provided in timely manner by suppliers and trade contractors. Any material that will be used for the project must meet the performance specification’s standards and will undergo a detailed review by both the project manager and the site supervisor

Timeline consultant Group will forward all submittals to the respective consultants in a timely manner for the reference by the consultants and the contractors. Timeline consultant Group will provide full time competent supervision of the site. Our project managers will be responsible for the successful implementation of the quality control plan.

A filed review process will be implemented to ensure conformance with the intent of the performance specifications as well as follow up system to inspection reports to ensure that any items not in conformance will be identified and tracked until corrections have been carried out to confirm compliance with contract documents.

Prior to any contractor starting work on site, a coordination meeting will be held with contractor,  project manager and project team to review the drawings and specifications and to ensure that the contractor has total understanding of the work to be preformed and the standard of the quality required, as per the quality control plan.

Communication and coordination between the contractors will be the most important service that timeline Consultant Group can and will provide to both the design team and the contractors.

Successful coordination requires the timely transfer of concise and accurate information. The primary objective is to provide up –to- date information regarding the progress of the construction implementation program quickly and easily to all those members.


The work performance is measured against the planned work. Project is monitored on MS Project/Primavera on weekly and monthly basis and copies to be distributed to client and project parties to ensure that the Project progress continues according to the plan.
Corrective actions are taken immediately if the work is not going according to plan followed by evaluating the effectiveness of the corrective actions.
At Timeline Consultant Group we are committed to manage a process where the construction program is implemented on time and within budget without compromise to the quality of the workmanship and materials used.
A quality control plan will be developed during the pre-construction phase of our mandate. The objective will be to review the details of the construction implementation program with design team and identify the components to be included as part of the plan.
Quality Control Procedures, Quality Assurance Methods, Testing and Inspections requirements and environmental considerations will all form part of the quality control plan.
As part of this process, Timeline Consultant Group will pre-qualify a short list of competent contractors and suppliers for approval by the owner and the design team. It is our intent to engage only firms of who are fully qualified and financially capable to meet the objectives and quality requirements of the contract documents that will include the quality control plan as a contract documents


During this phase, the operational requirement of the project is synchronized with the project and our team prepares punch lists for all the items needs to be rectified by the contractor.

Project Management handover all as-built drawings, samples and archives to the client along with a list of contact names and contact numbers involved in the Project.