Timeline Consultants provides holistic solutions for your project needs. Whenever our old clients and affiliates delve into new projects, we pride ourselves on being their first point of contact to resolve their issues. Our team, which has more than 35 years of experience in construction management, brings together pieces for you by helping to determine your needs, requirements, and goals. Upon request, we also help hire and negotiate with consultants and contractors.

We have built a name in the industry through transparency in conduct and efficiency in work. Some of the services we provide as part of our project initiation portfolio include:

  • Determining clients’ needs & requirements.
  • Drafting project goals and project charter.
  • Hiring architectural firms
  • Hiring structural consultants
  • Hiring Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing consultants (MEP).
  • Negotiation contracts of all finalized teams. 
  • Coordination for professional contracts and contract documentation
  • Management of soil testing & investigations
  • Management of design.


Project planning is a key and often overlooked factor behind a project’s success. At Timeline Consultants, we provide project planning expertise that suits our clients’ requirements. Effective scheduling and budgeting help our clients to save costs and reduce time. 

Our comprehensive schedule plans are well synchronized and professionally prepared to meet project deliverables without delay. Our team ensures an unbreakable connection between all the concerned parties, and running into any unforeseen issue is strategically resolved. 

We provide the following services as a part of our Project Planning expertise:

  • Making project schedules.
  • Making budget plans.
  • Assessing space and area requirement plans.
  • Evaluating conceptual & schematic drawings.
  • Reviewing tender drawings.
  • Vetting for Bill of Quantities (BOQs).
  • Assessment of Specifications.
  • Review of tender documents.
  • Management of overall design documentation.
  • Developing a strategy for analyzing and awarding contracts.
  • Dealing with authorities on behalf of the client for building permits and other required approvals.

For Construction Contracts

  • Issuing contracts.
  • Managing the bidding/tender process.
  • Scrutinizing and shortlisting contractors.
  • Negotiating contracts for the client.
  • Finalization and awarding contracts.
  • Compiling documents as per contract requirement.
  • Providing detailed construction schedule using primavera.


We work on-site so that our clients don’t have to. From supervising, monitoring, and controlling the project to mitigating and managing any crisis, we handle all the matters with concerned on-site and off-site teams. 

Timeline Consultants works tandem with the client, providing constant feedback, suggestions, and forecasts. Our clients always stay on top of what is happening on-site. 

As the client’s project management team, we supervise and coordinate all tasks related to the job and ensure that these tasks are implemented in strict conformity to correct standards. Our clients save time, hassle, and confusion through our expertise.

To expedite the project, we provide the following services:

  • Deploying on-site project management team.
  • Applying project management procedures.
  • Using project management tools.
  • Establishing reporting and communication systems.
  • Supervising all construction work. 
  • Coordinating between consultant’s, contractors, and client
  • Conducting regular progress review meetings.
  • Monitoring and reporting project progress.
  • Inspecting and exercising authority.
  • Quality Control.
  • Material testing and reporting.
  • Drawing management.
  • Health, safety, security, and fire prevention.
  • IPCs (Bills) for payments and final payments receipt.
  • Site procedures for storage of materials.
  • Labor relations.
  • Arranging shop drawings, samples, materials, and supplies.
  • Ascertaining work as per engineering practices and bylaws.
  • Advising cost controlling alternatives and value engineering.
  • Initiating and implementing change orders, if required.
  • Liaison with specialized consultants.
  • Contract administration
  • Procuring technical material on behalf of the client.


Once our client takes us on board, we make every effort to satisfy the trust they endow us. Even though our duties cease after project closure, the relationships we build during the tenure of a project carry on. Our philosophy, to take ownership of the work we do each step of the way; our ambition to deliver quality results – enables us to lend a hand whenever our old clients require. 

These are the services we provide at the time of project closure:

    • Providing as-built materials (indices for all materials including sourcing detail)
    • Providing as-built drawings (drawing plans for defacto layouts)
    • Giving maintenance and operating training (As per manual)
    • Guaranteeing defect liability period