Fun City

Location : Islamabad
Project Cost: 30 million

Living in the city for a long-term basis is just a matter of getting used to it. What makes people stay in a city is the variety of FUN its every corner has to offer. In spite of the busy streets that one may walk every day, the colorful lines of the buildings that complements the radiant sky, breaks the bore¬dom in life of every person residing in the city. Especially at night, when everything in the city moves. The beautiful lights, with or without colors, makes the environment alive even though it has to sleep. This scenario parallels to the lives of every member of a city and later on considers the place to be their own kingdom.

FUN CITY, a landmark materializes inside the remarkable Centaurus Mall in Islamabad. A place where Children of all ages, not to mention the young at heart, can enjoy, relax, and experience a multi-dimensional kind of fun from the attractions to the games, and even at the food and beverages that the place has to offer.