Acrylic resin paint in water dispersion to bring back the colour of tile joints in ceramic tiles.
Colour: available in 34 different colours.
Application: by brush or bottle.
Consumption: according to the size of the joint.
Packaging: 1 kg tins and 160 g bottles.Acid-based cleaning solution for ceramic tiles. Particularly recommended for eliminating lime efflorescence and for the final cleaning step of Tuscany terracotta. In powder (concentrated) or liquid (15% in solution).
pH of liquid: 1.13.
Waiting time before rinsing: 5 minutes, according to the consistency of the dirt; keep applying until stains have been completely removed. Rinse well after cleaning.
Storage: 24 months.
Consumption: according to requirements.
– concentrated powder: 4×5 and 18×1 kg packages;
– liquid ready for use: 5, 10 and 25 kg canisters and 12×1 kg packages;
– 0.75 kg spray bottles.